About us

  In a world of fast fashion, mass-produced leather gear, we are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain quality, emotive products. And leather is a piece with a very unique feel, smell and incredible emotion that will only become more meaningful over time. Therefore, we began to explore consciously.
   Until 2019, Insidemzjr was born. We started with collars and handcuffs and gradually designed more leather accessories products.
You'll see our range extend from traditional black and brown leather products to accessories in a variety of beautiful colors and materials, as well as a variety of different hardware options.
   However, our values will never change. All of our gear is crafted from the finest genuine leather. All from our corporate team. Our team at Insidemzjr cut, sew and lovingly handcraft each product with genuine care and passion for leather.
   We love making and shipping out each order because this way we can tell the story of our leather to more people and allow our customers to receive a leather product that will last for many years to come.
   Thank you for stopping by and please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.